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Belgian "Liege" Waffles

Belgian "Liege" Waffles

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  1. Unique Belgique Authentic Pearl Sugar Belgian "Liege" Waffles

    Unique Belgique Authentic Pearl Sugar Belgian "Liege" Waffles - 3.5 oz

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    Try something truly unique!
    These wonderful Unique Belgique Pearl Sugar Belgian "Liege" Waffles are like a cookie. Made with pearl sugar that provide pleasing pockets of crunchy sweetness.
    They're equally delicious straight from the package or slightly warm from the toaster. Top with fresh fruit or ice cream for a deliciously decadent treat.
    Not your traditional "American" sponge type waffle!
    Authentic imported Belgian waffles
    Also known as Liege waffles
    Rich and sweet treat dating back to the 18th century
    No need for syrup - their sweetness comes from within
    Great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or as an anytime snack
    Top with fruit, ice cream, fresh whipped cream, drizzled chocolate or nuts
    Use as a base for trifle, mousse or parfaits
    For a truly decadent entree, make a Belgian waffle fried chicken sandwich
    Made of fresh, all-natural ingredients
    Cage-free eggs
    No PreservativesKosher Certified
    All Natural0 Trans FatNon-GMO

    Unique Belgique

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