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Black Teas

Black Teas

The difference between "Blended Tea" and "Single Estate Tea" is that a blended tea (also can be know as a "Single Origin Tea") means that the tea can be a blend of tea from many tea estates or tea gardens within a single region or even a single country. Whereas single estate tea means that all of the tea comes from one tea estate or tea garden.

Blended teas are skillfully blended by Master Tea Blenders whose intent is to create a distinct flavor consistency for a particular flavor or brand of tea. Expertly blended teas will have the same infusion, aroma and flavor year after year and can be a blend of tea from any tea estate or tea garden from anywhere in the world.

Single estate teas rely on the unique infusion, aroma, and flavor derived from the plants, the soil, the effect of moisture, the amount of sunlight and the unique weather conditions found in the tea garden. Single estate tea will have unique and distinct characteristics found only from that specific tea garden.

"Decaf" is short for "decaffeinated" or "decaffeination." Contrary to popular belief, decaf is not the same as "caffeine free." Most decaf coffees and teas still contain at least trace amounts caffeine and (due to lack of enforcement of decaf health claims) some decaf drinks contain moderate amounts of caffeine or more.

While many herbal infusions (or tisanes) are naturally caffeine free, decaf teas are teas that naturally contain caffeine, but have had most of the caffeine removed.

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